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Domain Registration

Domain Registration: Why is .Com the Most Preferred Domain Extension

A domain – the identity and address of your website, can be the name of your company, your product or service or any other name that you want your brand to be identified by. After the first part of your domain, there is a period of . or dot.

The second part of the name appears after the dot and it is called domain name extension. The extensions are also known as top-level domains. They identify the type of website and are useful in determining what your website, blog or online store represents.

Let’s discuss domain registration with a focus on domain extensions.


Domain Extensions: Short History

In 1980s, there were seven domain name extensions available – .com, .gov, .edu, .mil, .int, .org, and .net. Out of these seven extensions, .net, .irg, and .com extensions were unrestricted meaning any organization or individual could use either of these domain extensions.

The other extensions have a limited purpose meaning there were restrictions on who can purchase these domains.

In 2001, seven new domain name extensions were introduced. Out of these, .name, .info, .biz, and .pro are unrestricted and open to anyone who wants to register a domain name. The other extensions .coop, .aero, .museum have a limited purpose. These extensions are specialized top-level domains representing the community, niche or business industry that is affected by top-level domains.

The .com extensions were introduced in 1985. It comes from the word commercial which was meant for business or commercial websites. The .com extension is one of the most commonly used extensions today. It is the most preferred extension because it symbolizes the website of a commercial or business enterprise and it is highly recognized.

If you are building a website, online store or blog, you should opt for .com domain name extension.

Benefits of .Com Domain Extension

The .com domain name popularity was accompanied by the boom of the internet. Today, the .com popularity continues to grow with the websites in general.

When we think of a website, ecommerce store or blog, we think of a .com. Yes, it is no wonder that the .com is the most attractive domain extension.

Have you wondered if there is any benefit to .com domain extensions? Does .com domain extension has any SEO significance? If your desired name is not available, should you consider some other name with .com extension?

When you are launching a website, you want your domain to reflect your company. You want your visitors to be able to easily pronounce and remember the name. You want a name that is as simple as possible.

It is estimated that there are billions of websites and there are no exact statistics or a specific number of how many registered websites are there. Every website needs a domain and with every new site, another domain gets taken. This makes it harder for you to find a domain you think is right for your business. If you think you can’t come up with a name, take advantage of Shopify domain name generator and register your new domain through Shopify.

Domain Extensions

When looking for a domain name, you want to make sure the name is relevant to your business, it identifies with your industry and niche, it is easy to recall for your audience, it seems respectable and credible, and most importantly – should suggest that you are one of the main players in the market.

While .com domain extension is the most popular extension, there are over 100 different extensions you can choose from. The real question is when you should consider the .com domain before opting for any other extension?

Domain Registration: 4 Reasons to Purchase .Com Extension

You’ve finally decided to launch your website and now you are looking to register a domain name. We said it a couple of times – .com is the most preferred extension and here are 4 reasons why.

1.Default Extension

When you type in website into the search bar, many browsers check for .com extension today by default. So, instead of displaying an error message because you didn’t add an extension, your visitors will still find your website if you use .com extension.


2. Credibility

Of all domain name extensions, .com has the highest score. Almost anyone familiar with websites and the internet relates to .com. A website with a less popular extension may not have the same score or credibility as the name with .com extension.

3. Easy to Remember

If your customers are familiar with your business name but they don’t know or they have forgotten your domain name, they will most likely to try .com to find your website. There are people who may not think of trying .net, .org or .biz as possible domain extensions.

4. Resale Value

Currently, you may not be purchasing a domain name to sell it later. However, if you ever considered selling your domain in the future, .com extension is the most likely to match you the best price. It doesn’t mean that you should only consider .com domain extensions or that other extensions are useless and undesirable. We aren’t trying to prove that. When you look for a possible domain name, you should try to see if .com is first available. If not, you may want to try a domain name with different variations or hyphens of the name. This is a time when you need to be as creative as possible.

However, if .com is not available for any of your preferred domains, you may want to consider another domain extension. For example, if your business is geographically targeting a specific region, it is better if you consider a country-specific extension. It is more important that your company name reflects your business, is easy to spell, write, and remember.

Brainstorm, analyze, compare, and decide if .com is the best option for your domain. Think of at least five possible domains, all with different domain extensions and share them with your employees, managers, friends, and family. See what other people think of the names.

Finding, buying, and registering a domain name is a time-consuming process, but when done right, it is definitely worth it. You will have a name that suits your website and brand just right. What is a domain name?